BUGGY VENDOR REVIEW: Jamie’s Tarantulas

I first started buying from Jamie’s Tarantulas in 2015, thanks to a great variety of tarantula species and very reasonable prices. There was then a lull in my purchasing of new tarantulas all together, until this year. Because I was acquiring quite a few spiderlings from someone else, my first purchase in quite awhilewas for her 4 x 4 x 6″ Mag-Terra Enclosures.

First off let me say that these enclosures shipped super fast, receiving them in just a couple of days. They were packed perfectly and all arrived safely without damage. For terrestrial or fossorial species, I prefer enclosures that open from the top so these were perfect. They are made with 100% crystal clear acrylic and because the opening is at the very top, there is plenty of space for deep substrate so the the spiderlings can do what comes natural.

There is also plenty of ventilation holes, providing cross ventilation as well as ventilation from the lid. The lid also features two magnets to keep the enclosure closed without fear of escapes. Another nice thing is that these enclosures are stackable, helping to save room on your shelves (and all tarantula keepers know how space can quickly run out).

Since I still had some room, I then decided to order three spiders as well. I went with a Brachypelma smithi, Grammostola iheringi and Pelinobius muticus. Though they shipped on time, they did not arrive on time. According to tracking it looked as though it arrived at a post office in California but then the tracking was never updated again. Jamie and Jon kept in touch with me through it all and after two weeks sent a replacement order.

The replacement order shipped on time and arrived the next day. Interestingly enough, the original order also arrived that same day! I immediately opened that replacement order and everyone was fine. I quickly housed them. I found myself procrastinating opening the original shipment, dreading the worst. It finally came time to open the box and to my surprise, all three were alive and healthy! This was after being in the mail almost 2-1/2 weeks!

Jon then contacted me on the original shipment arriving and asking if I wanted them or wanted to send them back. Once I have an animal in my possession it’s hard for me to let them go so I decided to keep these three as well (and not for nothing, you can never have too many Grammostola iheringis). On the plus side, Jon offered me a deal on these three that I could not pass up.

Overall, my experiences with Jamie’s Tarantulas were phenomenal. I highly recommend doing business with them. The animals are of high quality and obviously their packing is second to none, considering how long those tarantulas survived in the shipping box. Every aspect of my transactions were smooth.

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