School & Library Presentations


I now offer virtual presentations! We have experimented with this and it works well and offer some things not seen with an in-person visit. The biggest advantage is that the camera can get much closer to the animals not normally available in the classroom. The students will now get to see details not previously available. Timing wise we also found that more live animals can be shown in the same frame of time! A Q&A segment also fits very nicely at the end. Contact me at for more information and to book!


As the state has opened up, I am available for live, in-house school presentations once again. Pricing is dependent on number of students and how many presentations are needed on a particular day. On average, the price works out to $3 per student.


Booking online presentations is easy and will be priced based on the number of presentations needed on a given day. These presentations do require a little more work as I need to have a cameraman as well. Because of this, I can only do these on Wednesdays. One presentation of this type is $75. Two presentations are $125. If more presentations are needed in a day, please inquire.




BCI available on request.


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  1. Are you presenting at any libraries in RI in the coming months? My son would be very interested in this! Thanks.

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