Tarantula Adoption


I have kept tarantulas for as long as I can remember and think they are one of the most fascinating animals that there are. Unfortunately many people buy them on a whim, thinking it would be cool to own such a giant spider, forgetting that they can be a very long-lived animal and do require care to survive. The novelty oftentimes wears off and the owner has to decide what to do with his pet. First off, releasing them into the wild is not only unethical but it is also illegal. Second, killing them is morally wrong. So what is a tarantula owner who no longer wants to be a tarantula owner supposed to do? There are many options. First off, you can put an ad on someplace like Craigslist. Second, you could try your local pet store (most places like PetSmart or PetCo. will say no but many smaller mom and pop stores will usually take them for free), especially ones specializing in reptiles and invertebrates. Third, you can contact me. In most cases, if you are getting rid of it for free, I will take it and if you live in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut I will drive to you to get it. With less common species, I will consider paying for the spider but this will be based on a case by case situation. Even if you cannot keep your tarantula anymore, at least give it a chance by giving it a good home. E-mail me direct at bugguy01@cox.net.


6 responses to “Tarantula Adoption

  1. Hi, I would love to adopt a brachypelma klassi (female) if you have one. I live in Washington state though and don’t know if you can ship. Please let me know, thank you.

    • Hi Cody. I actually do not adopt out tarantulas. This blog was more about me adopting them for myself. Brachypelma klassi has become more available in the past year or so and they show up on many dealers’ lists throughout the United States. If you did a Google search for “Brachypelma klassi for sale” it should take you right to them! Good luck!

  2. I love all my T’s and I’d never let any of them go, but every once in a while I see posts about people who cannot keep theirs anymore and I’m not close enough. From now on, I’ll know where to refer them to!

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