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My name is David Albaugh and I have been a lifelong resident of Jamestown, Rhode Island. Ever since I was seven years old I have been fascinated, almost obsessed, with butterflies and moths. This was all due to a Christmas gift that I received; a kit for collecting butterflies and moths! Though these days my interests are more with conservation, the kit I received was a life changing event for me.


These days I spend more time raising local species of butterflies and moths and photographing them than collecting. I have a 24′ x 16′ screen house that I use as a sort of butterfly sanctuary, raising local species in a predator-free environment, to be released back into the wild after they hatch out as adults. It is a lot of work but it is also very fascinating and rewarding.


Butterfly gardening is another one of my hobbies, which I will get into in better detail in another area of this site. Let’s just say that butterflies truly love my yard! Every plant in my yard is either a butterfly-attracting flower or a plant that their caterpillars will eat.


I currently work at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island (though my insect presentations are in no way affiliated with the zoo). I started there as a volunteer docent. When a job position opened up I immediately applied and got the job. Though it is probably the worst paying job I have ever had, it is actually the best job I have ever had. I have made so many amazing friends there and you just can’t go wrong being surrounded by animals from around the world.

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  1. Hello Dave,
    You came to do a presentation last year at my school. We would love to have you come again this year in April or May. You would need to pick a day that you can visit 3-4 classrooms. Email me back and let me know if you are still doing classroom visits and we can book a day.


  2. We recently had the opportunity to see you at the zoo, and was wondering if you happen to do birthday parties? We live in milford ma.

  3. I want to thank you so very much for the wonderful review you did on my book “Raising Butterflies in the Garden”. It really blessed my heart. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. I live in North Carolina. I am an amateur naturalist and a kindergarten teacher. Being at home has had its blessings. I have enjoyed making videos of garden snails, worms, pill bugs and the monarch caterpillars in my yard. I am currently obsessed with finding moth caterpillars especially the Luna Moth. I did find what I think was an emerged luna cocoon below a hickory tree. I am currently stalking this tree as I can see that the new spring leaves are being eaten by someone (?)! What can I expect to find in April in North Carolina? What should I be looking for? I have heard that the luna has several broods in the South so would I expect to find a new cocoon? How big would the caterpillars be? Where are they hiding?! Who else might be eating the leaves?

    1. Hi Kristen. Thanks for writing! With the warmer weather luna moths should be hatching soon and of course doing what they do best, mating. The fact that you found a cocoon is very promising! How are the temperatures there? Have they been consistently warm? The caterpillars, if you have them, should still be less than an inch in length. Believe it or not the easiest way to find them is at night, with a black light (the kind that makes things glow). These caterpillars will glow with one of those lights. I am guessing it is too early for finding new cocoons right now but by mid June the first brood should be making their cocoons! I hope you find some!

  5. Hi Dave. I have a 2 year old terantula that I am trying to find a good home for. I live in Bronx, New York. Would you be interested in taking on another friend. As far as I know it’s a male and he is very gentle. Unfortunately we are moving and can’t take him with us. You can contact me at kellyvalladares12-2@gmail.com

  6. Hi Dave. I saw your pictures of various silk moth cocoons while researching a find I made today on my walk here in Hendersonville, TN. I took a number of pictures and was wondering if I could send them to you to get your take on what I may have found.

  7. Hey Dave,

    I noticed that you featured a photo of a Sulawesi black tarantula in your collection and I’ve never known anyone to have one. I’m wondering if you know whether these are still available and if you might be able to point me in the right direction. After seeing Guy Tansley’s video of them in the wild I was hooked!

    1. Hey Joshua. I received this girl in 2015 as a freebie believe it or not. Since that time, I have not seen them available, which is a shame. Hopefully they are made available soon!

  8. Web Tucker here! I found your site. Very nice! Let me know if you would like to use more of my photos in your guidebook.

  9. Hi Dave,
    I tried to email you about coming to my school to do a presentation but it said that your email was unable to receive mail. Are you using a different email?

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