BUGGY PRODUCT REVIEW: Tarantula Cribs’ Sling Crib

Keeping tarantulas as pets is a hobby that has been around for quite some time. Though many people don’t understand the fascination with the world’s largest spiders, it is still a hobby enjoyed by people, women and men, worldwide. I started my fascination in the late 1970s and have been hooked ever since. Like all pets, it is easy to become attached to them and as will all pet owners, you want the best for your charges.

When it comes to housing there are many important factors that keepers should keep in mind. First off, you want an enclosure that provides proper air flow. This is achieved with air holes not only in the top of the enclosure but also along the sides, providing very important cross ventilation. Next you want something that can be closed securely. Tarantulas are surprisingly strong and the last thing you want is for one of your pets getting out.

Depending on whether or not your tarantula is terrestrial or arboreal, you also want to be able to provide the needs of the spider, whether it be the depth of the substrate or the height of the enclosure. You then have to think about functionality. How easy is it to feed your critters with the way the enclosure is set up? When you have a lot of tarantulas, feeding time can be time-consuming and if the enclosure is difficult to work with, this will create a lot of extra work.

A variety of Tarantula Cribs that I use.

Finally, what is your budget? Keeping tarantulas can get very expensive. Not only are some species expensive, but you also have to feed and house them. Today, there are so many types of commercial enclosures available, some of which can also cost a pretty penny. Everyone has their personal preference and I myself use a wide variety of enclosures, everything from deli cups to Tarantula Cribs, the subject of this review.

I first became aware of Tarantula Cribs when I adopted some tarantulas from someone who couldn’t keep them anymore. The first thing I noticed was how sturdy they are. They also featured strong magnets to keep the doors closed, which to me was important. I have used other enclosures with magnets that just didn’t seem to have the same strength, though the magnets looked to same. I also found that the openings were optimal for feeding.

The screen mesh here, from another supplier, is too flimsy and a baby tarantula could easily escape.

When I buy spiderlings, I try not to get anything smaller than a half-inch. Recently though I acquired a few species that were in the 1/8-to-1/4-inch size and knew that the normal spiderling enclosures I was using would not work, because the chances of an escape through the air holes were pretty good. I decided to get some Sling Cribs from Tarantula Cribs.

My order arrived very quickly, and everything was professionally packaged. The Cribs themselves were individually bagged and boxed as well, which I thought was awesome. The heavyweight box offered more protection while being shipped. It was also obvious right away that the Sling Cribs were going to be perfect for my needs.

Since I had both terrestrial and arboreal spiderlings to house, the design of these enclosures worked for both. For the terrestrials, I used more substrate and for arboreals, less substrate but also a piece of cork bark at an angle. Because these open from the top, I left space between the top of the cork bark and the top of the lid. The last thing I want is for the spiderling to incorporate the lid into their nest building.

There are also plenty of .05″ air holes, providing the much-needed cross-ventilation I mentioned earlier. Lastly, the magnets on the lid are very strong, guaranteeing no unwanted escapes. For my needs, I could not have chosen a better enclosure. Though Tarantula Cribs tend to be more expensive than other enclosures out there, you definitely get what you pay for. Their quality is excellent, and the crystal-clear acrylic is a step up from most enclosures by other suppliers.

Tarantula Cribs are a great way to show off your collection while keeping them safe and healthy. When looking at my tarantula collection, the Cribs draw your attention right away and are stand outs. I definitely will be acquiring more of these enclosures as to me, they are well worth it.

~David Albaugh

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