BOOK REVIEW: “A Swift Guide to Butterflies of North America”

I am a huge fan of field guides and thankfully most of them out there are pretty good. In my last book review (seen HERE) I discussed my favorite of the guides, though it is one that is so large it is impractical to bring into the field with you. Thankfully, this one is much smaller, very user friendly and is perfect to have with you in the field. I must also say that I am quickly becoming a huge fan of Jeffrey Glassberg, who wrote this and many of the best guides available today.


“A Swift Guide to Butterflies of North America” came out in 2012 and I must say this may be the best field guide available for quick identification of butterflies in the field. The photos are phenomenal and make identification a breeze. This book features 3,500 gorgeous photographs showcasing all of the butterflies in North America. In many cases male and female photos are shown as well as upper and lower wings and variants. Each species also includes basic data such as caterpillar food plants, abundance and flight period, habitat, comments and more. Also included with each species is a detailed range map that includes such important information as number of broods in each area and where strays have occurred.


Glassberg should be commended for his contributions to the butterfly field. All of his guides are highly recommended, easy to use and priced right. It is nice to see such a complete work in such a compact package. If you are just starting out with an interest in butterflies, whether it be casual backyard butterfly watcher or professional lepidopterist, this book is a must have for every butterfly library!


This book is approved by the North American Butterfly Association and even though Jeffrey Glassberg is the chairman, there is no doubt that this organization would approve it even if he wasn’t involved. I personally cannot wait to see what Glassberg comes up with next!

If you would like to purchase this book, just click on the image below.

~David Albaugh

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