SPECIES SPOTLIGHT: Argema mittrei, the Madagascan Comet Moth


The first time I ever saw this gorgeous species alive!

Though butterflies were my thing growing up, once I was exposed to the giant silk moths I fell in love. Living in Rhode Island, we have Hyalophora cecropia, Actias luna, Antheraea polyphemus, Callosamia promethea and Automeris io. Though these species are spectacular it wasn’t until I became exposed to the tropical species where the wow factor really started.

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BOOK REVIEW: “Lepidopteran Zoology: How to Keep Moths, Butterflies, Caterpillars and Chrysalises” by Orin McMonigle

If you are a regular reader here then the name Orin McMonigle should not be new to you. I have read many of his books and even reviewed one of them HERE. Orin reminds me of myself on so many levels as I too have spent my life keeping live creepy crawlies and what he is doing is providing sound information for those like-minded people.


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BOOK REVIEW: “Moths And How To Rear Them” by Paul Villiard

When it comes to nature books, there are few that remain relevant forever. As new research is done using modern technology, information that was taught just a few years ago can quickly become obsolete. This is particularly true when it comes to books on insects as new discoveries are made almost daily.

When it comes to raising, or rearing, butterflies and moths, a fun hobby that all children should experience at least once in their lifetime, new and better techniques are being learned and taught and if you are hoping to be successful, these techniques should be kept up with.

In 1980 I was in the 8th grade and our graduation trip was to the Boston Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. Though I had a great time in the museum, it was the book that I took home with me that day from the gift shop that forever changed my life. It was Paul Villiard’s “Moths And How To Rear Them.”


Original 1969 hardcover edition of this must-have book!

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