Zoo Med’s Excavator Clay! It’s Not Just For Reptiles Anymore!

I would like to welcome fellow blogger and tarantula enthusiast Dave Fuentes to my site. Together we own and operate the blog site TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES, which can be seen HERE!


Let me start by saying I’m no tarantula expert and just started the hobby a little over a year ago. I currently have three spiders, all of them purchased as slings; Brachypelma albopilosum, Grammostola pulchripes, and Brachypelma vagans. They may not be the flashiest species but I was told by good authority (like the guy who runs this site) that they’re the perfect choice for a novice like me. Ideally, I wanted to purchase adult spiders but economics and availability dictated otherwise. Looking back I’m glad I did it this way as it’s been pretty amazing watching them molt and transform.

Of course different species grow at different rates and, after a year, it became obvious that “Austin” (my B. albopilosum) was ready to graduate from his critter carrier to something a bit more permanent. For the purpose of story-telling, I’ll be referring to Austin as “him” though it’s still too young to be sexed and may very well be an “Austintina” for all I know.

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SHOOTING TARANTULAS…with a camera of course!

Having hobbies is what in many cases keeps us sane. It gives us a chance to relax and enjoy ourselves doing things that make us happy and help to forget how monotonous the real world can be. I have always been someone who has had many hobbies and they often seem to go in a cycle. Sometimes certain hobbies will be more important than others and then it will flip back again, oftentimes depending on my mood or even what time of year it is.

I have kept tarantulas since 1979 and have always had an interest in entomology. Growing up I would collect insects, mostly butterflies and moths, and I would pin them into display cases. As conservation became more important to me, so did the importance of insects being able to live out their lives in the wild. I decided that instead of capturing and displaying dead insects, I would switch and capture them on film instead. This is how my photography hobby began.

IMG_6411aEuathlus sp. red

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A Pictorial Guide To My Tarantula Collection

People are always asking me how many tarantulas I have and to be honest, I do have quite a few. What I am sharing with you today is the species list of tarantulas in my collection. In some cases I do have multiples of the same species so this list is just representative. In many cases, what I have are very young spiderlings so pictures may not be of the actual spider currently in my collection. As adult pictures of my actual animals are taken, they will replace any generic pictures used here. As more species are added, this list will be updated. Enjoy!

Acanthoscurria geniculata (Giant White Knee) – Brazil


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