Just Because Anyone Can Write a Book on Tarantulas…Does That Mean They Should?

I am noticing a pattern on Amazon. Tarantula books written by people who have little knowledge on tarantulas. I covered this type of thing before in 2018 with my review of the horrible book “Goliath Birdeater: Goliath Birdeaters As Pets” by Adam Burton. Now I have found another one. The title? “Pink Toe Tarantula: The Complete Guide On Everything You Need To Know About Pink Toe Tarantula” by Jackson James. The first indication of a problem is the title. First off, I think “everything you need to know” would take more than ten pages. Second, the last word should be plural. Third, just look at the cover.

If you are writing about pink toe tarantulas, why would the cover photo be of a completely different species? I did order this little booklet but on Kindle, just to save $4. I really needed to read this for myself. The first thing I noticed is the horrible writing. Each new sentence does not feature a capital letter and sentences at time make no sense at all.

On the Kindle version, chapter 2 (Pink Toe Tarantula Behavior and Temperament) is completely missing. The third, and last, paragraph of the introduction says “These tarantulas can impart a nook to others of similar species, however they don’t really require the organization. lone lodging eliminates the danger of human flesh consumption, a circumstance that can happen when the creepy crawlies are living in restricted living arrangements or are generally focused. in like manner, it’s ideal to get your tarantula far from some other pets in the family unit, as they could harm each other.” Now I wish my chapter 2 was intact as I would’ve been forewarned of these flesh eaters.

I foresee another best seller.

By the time you get to chapter 5, the author starts talking about burrowing zebra tarantulas, even though the chapter name is “Conclusion to Pink Toe Tarantula.” Tarantulas are also referred to as bugs and insects regularly. The fact that these books are being released are so detrimental to the hobby. Someone just starting out may actually purchase one of these abominations and believe what the read. One saying that holds true is that you get what you pay for. This was immediately returned for a refund.

~David Albaugh

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