BUGGY BOOK REVIEW: “The Tarantula Gallery: Image Reference & Species Accounts” by Danny de Bruyne

It’s been awhile since a new book came out on tarantulas and “The Tarantula Gallery: Image Reference & Species Accounts” is one not to be missed! I had not seen anything on this book until I did a recent, random search on Amazon and it came up. When it comes to tarantula books I am a completist so ordered it right away.

This is the first in a series of tarantula books with 50 Tarantula Species Accounts/50 Tarantula Care Guides in each volume. “The Tarantula Gallery” is a beautiful compilation of photographs and basic husbandry information compiled by avid South African tarantula hobbyist and tarantula breeder, Danny de Bruyne. A quick-reference for what each species looks like, listing basic requirements and suggestions to provide them with a comfortable enclosure in captivity.

You will also find a brief description of each species along with a few notes on breeding for most of the species within. This book provides tarantula eye-candy for anyone, but may also be enjoyed by everyone from beginner to advanced hobbyists in the exotic world of keeping tarantulas as pets.

I absolutely love “The Tarantula Gallery: Image Reference & Species Accounts“. First off, the pictures are absolutely amazing. It’s nice to see a self-published book featuring such quality. When I received it I read it cover-to-cover and found the information very useful. I also loved that the author made a point of saying that the information he provided was what has worked for him and that it may not be what works for everyone.

To me, this disclaimer is very important. Unfortunately, what I have found regularly, is that people on tarantula forums and in Facebook groups can be very mean and unsupportive, especially to newbies to the hobby. Instead of being forthcoming with correct information, they will berate the new tarantula owner which is always uncalled for. It’s a shame that this is how the hobby is. Of course, this does not apply to everyone.

The selection of species for this first edition is widespread, covering both old world and new world species. The information is sound and I feel that this would be a great first book for someone just entering the hobby. I have always preached “do your research” before taking on a tarantula as a pet and this book is a great source of information.

I really enjoyed this book and anxiously await future volumes. So much has changed in the hobby these last two years and it’s nice to see that this book reflects this. Click on any of the links about to purchase your own copy.

~David Albaugh

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