LEPIDOPTERA LIFE CYCLES: Citheronia splendens

Citheronia splendens, also known as the splendid royal moth, is a Mexican species that is closely related to the Regal moth (Citheronia regalis) and was discovered living in parts of Arizona in the early 1970’s. There is not much known about this species but it is definitely fun to rear and the resulting moth is spectacular.

Citheronia splendens with logo

Accepted Foodplants

Mango (Mangifera), Pecan (Carya), Peppertree (Schinus), Sumac (Rhus), Sweetgum (Liquidambar), Walnut (Juglans).


The ova of Citheronia splendens is very typical of the genus being cream colored, oval and translucent. Just prior to hatching the developed caterpillar can be seen within.


Larva (3)

The larva of splendens, like others in the Citheronia genus, are fascinating to watch from the first instar to the last. Though they may not get as large as regalis and are not as brightly colored, they are still very cool animals in their own right, though they do not get as large.

Pupa (3)

The pupa of splendens looks very similar to all Citheronia pupa. It is a dark brown color and the wings are defined.


Adult (3)

The adult of Citheronia splendens is gorgeous. The wings are a light charcoal color with rust-colored veins. There is also a row of cream-colored patches on the forewings. The body is very red with yellow lines along the abdominal segments.



~David Albaugh




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