BOOK REVIEW: “Butterflies Across Cape Cod” by Mark Mello and Tor Hansen

Field guides are one of my favorite types of books, especially when it comes to insects. If you are a regular reader of my site you will know that I have actually reviewed quite a few here. The problem is there is a lot of rehash from guide to guide, oftentimes not offering any new info. If there’s nothing new to offer then why buy it?

Thankfully this is not the case with the book I am reviewing here! I actually found this book quite by accident and to be honest, I am glad I did. My girlfriend and I were hiking at the Lloyd Center for the Environment in Dartmouth, MA. Not only is this a great place to hike with great programs during the warmer months, but they also have a great indoor nature center with an assortment of live and taxidermied animals representing some of the local wildlife. It was in their gift shop that I found “Butterflies of Cape Cod: A Guide to Finding, Attracting, and Observing Butterflies On The Cape.”

Though not a large book (114 pages), this guide by Mark J. Mello and Tor Hansen, is a treasure and a must have for all New Englanders with an interest in butterflies. Its size is perfect for putting in your backpack while hiking and the full-color plates make identification easy. Though basic species information is included, my favorite aspect of the book is something I have yet to see in any field guide. It actually tells you where to go to see the most butterflies!

Not only do they tell you the type of habitats most butterflies go to, they also include 23 specific locations that are good for butterfly watching, and even list what species you will probably see there! Thanks to this book I will now be hiking at places that previously I would not have even thought of.

The only downside is that I cannot seem to find this book for sale anywhere other than where I got it. So, if you are interested in a copy, I highly recommend contacting the Lloyd Center for the Environment to get one! If you are a New Englander, you will not be disappointed!

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