BUGS! Larger than Life and Invading the Zoo!


There’s no question that the subject of insects & arachnids is a divisive one. Just mention the word “spider” in front of your average group of people and count how many of them start twitching. In rarer instances, you might even encounter someone like my mom who adopts the more regal approach of hopping on a chair and screaming bloody murder. Personally, I’ve always found them fascinating and probably have vintage “monster movies” to thank for it. Back in the ‘50s, Hollywood seized the Atomic age by the proverbial antennae by serving up a bevy of super-sized bugs with a penchant for leveling cities. I couldn’t get enough of these gems when they re-played during my youth in the ‘70s and was delighted to relive some of that glee via the Milwaukee County Zoo. Many zoos around the country offer seasonal attractions such as these mega-sized, animatronic bugs. With the summer drawing to a close, my friend and I headed north from our native Chicago to catch their 2016 “Bugs! Larger than Life” exhibit! Although the weather wasn’t very co-operative, we’d be far from disappointed!
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